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Kalmar terminal tractors boost operations for key Swedish export gateway

Kalmar has a proven track record in meeting these requirements. The company is doing a very good job. Torbjörn Wedebrand, Managing Director, Wallhamn AB

The solution RORO terminals

The port of Wallhamn – the largest privately owned harbour in Sweden – uses four customised Kalmar terminal tractors to help it maintain its position as a successful gateway for the Swedish export industry.

Kalmar terminal tractors boost operations the in the port of Wallhamn

The challenge

As a key Swedish export hub, Wallhamn requires first-class cargo handling equipment. "New machinery secures safe and quick handling when the ships are in harbor. It is very important that we can rely on the machinery whenever it is needed," says Torbjörn Wedebrand, Managing Director, Wallhamn AB. Environmental factors are also an important consideration for the customer, and one of the main reasons that they chose the Kalmar TR618i tractor.

The solution

The TR618i's IIIB engine is fuel-efficient, and the tractor also excels in safety and dimensional stability. The machines were customised to reduce the total height to about three metres, in order to allow them to operate on board carrier ships, which have low decks heights. Kalmar also operates an on-site maintenance workshop to ensure maximum uptime for the tractors.

The results

Wallhamn's four Kalmar TR618i terminal tractors provide reliable operation and ensure that the company can turn around vessels quickly and efficiently. Their fuel-efficient engines help to cut operational costs and improve the port's environmental performance. They are also great examples of Kalmar's ability to customise equipment to meet the specific needs of its customers.