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Kalmar Electric Empty Container Handlers

Expect even more.

More choice 

Our range of electrically powered empty container handlers or top loaders give you a choice of lifting heights and capacities, a choice of battery sizes and power levels that you can match to your operational needs.

Giving you the ability to design a solution that is tailor made for your business, knowing you’ll get a highly energy efficient power and hydraulics system, numerous safety features as standard in an empty container handler that produces no CO2 emissions while in operation, helping to prepare you for a low carbon future. Expect no less.

More choice in lifting capacities

With single container stackers or top picks that can place empty containers from 5 to 8 high and are available with two different lifting capacities of 9 tonne [19,800lbs] or 10 tonne [22,000lbs].

Single stackers can pick, lift and stack a wide variety of empty containers:

  • 20’, 30’ or 40’ containers picking up in the 20’, 30’ or 40’ position
  • 45’, 48’ or 53’ containers picking up in the 40’ position
  • Lifting options from 5 to 8 high.

Our double stacking empty container handler can pick, lift and stack containers 5+1 to 8+1 and you have a choice of two different lifting capacities 10 tonne [22,000lbs] or 11 tonne [24,250lbs].

Double stackers can also lift a wide variety of empty containers:

  • Single or double 20’, 30’ or 40’ containers picking up in the 20’, 30’ or 40’ position
  • 45’, 48’ or 53’ containers picking up in the 40’ position
  • Lifting options from 5+1 to 8+1.

More battery sizes to choose from.

There are three different modular Lithium-ion battery options to choose from, each with a range of operating times, which is right for your operations is dependent on your drive cycle.

By working out the types of loads, operating time, idle time and possibility of opportunity charging time during the shift , you can predict which battery solution is right for your business. Depending on your operational needs, you can choose from three types of batteries:


  • 163kWh battery 
  • 292kWh battery 
  • 391kWh battery.

More changers to get you going.

There are three different battery charging options for you to choose from, all compatible with CCS2 charging systems with a maximum inlet of 350 kW. These figures are based on the time it takes for your lithium-ion battery to be fully charged from only 20% charge left. Charging can be done after a shift with a 90 kW charger and in breaks or between shifts with a heavy duty 350 kW charger. Which one you choose will be dependent on your drive cycles and work rotas.

Even more efficient

To maximise your energy usage every Kalmar Electric Empty Container Handler is fitted with highly efficient hydraulic pumps, transmission, motor and inverter which, when combined, will extend your operating time between charges, improving battery lifetime and helping to optimise your return on investment and minimise your carbon footprint 

While Eco Drive modes give you a choice of three power levels, regenerative energy returning from the braking system, can enhance your battery performance and help to extend its operating life.

Expect more comfort

Every member of our electric empty container handler range comes fitted with our EGO cabin, the ultimate operating environment for your driver. With a more ergonomic design, smarter functions and an intuitive workspace than ever before, you can expect to get more from your operators. Your operators will also be surprised at just how quiet this electrically powered empty container handler is.

Even more safety options as standard.

At Kalmar, the safety of people working with our machines is always at the top of our minds, which is why meeting global safety standards is important to us. The safety standard EN 1175:2020, which sets the electrical and electronic component standards for industrial trucks, has been updated to improve the safety of these machines while in operation. This update is valid from April 2023.  All Kalmar counter balanced machines, including reachstackers, empty container handlers, top picks and forklifts have been updated to meet this new standard to ensure that working with a Kalmar machine is as safe as it can be at all times.

Keep moving with Kalmar Services.

To keep your electric empty container handler moving Kalmar offers a wide range of services that can help keep your equipment moving optimally, including:


  • Kalmar Care which offers a range of flexible service packages
  • Kalmar Insight our digital performance management tool for cargo handling equipment
  • Kalmar MyParts is your one stop shop for Kalmar Genuine Parts
  • MyKalmar portal where you can access Kalmar MyParts and Kalmar Insight.